The Marketplace Missionary

The Marketplace Missionary is a 365 day journey. Wherever we are at in this journey when you decided to join us, we are glad that you are here! Feel free to start back at the beginning and walk through one day at a time, play catch up reading a couple posts in a row, or simply jump in where we are at currently! Together we are walking through the entire Bible over the course of a year and I will be blogging about what God is showing me through the readings from each day. These blogs are largely focused on how we can all be “in the mission field” regardless of what vocation God has placed us in. I hope this journey encourages you in your walk!

Introduction – The Marketplace Missionary

Day 1 – The Beginning of Knowledge

Day 2 – Seeds of Doubt

Day 3 – John the Baptist on Leadership

Day 4 – “All this can be yours”

Day 5 – The Sermon on the Mount

Day 6 – Town on a hill

Day 7 – Independence from fear and hate

Day 8 – What are our motives?

Day 9 – Knock and the door will be opened to you

Day 10 – Removing the plank from our own eye

Day 11 – Observing our fruit

Day 12 – Unwavering faith

Day 13 – The harvest is plentiful

Day 14 – Time to get in the game!

Day 15 – Take my yoke upon you

Day 16 – How much more valuable is a person?

Day 17 – The parable of the seed

Day 18 – Stepping out onto the water

Day 19 – Five short chapters later…

Day 20 – “It was God who sent me”

Day 21 – Our modern day birthright

Day 22 – What is our rock and our fortress?

Day 23 – Faith the size of a mustard seed

Day 24 – Ignoring the burning bush

Day 25 – Gouge it out!

Day 26 – Where are we storing our treasure?

Day 27 – The first shall be last

Day 28 – Flipping over some tables

Day 29 – He leads me beside quiet waters

Day 30 – Whitewashed tombs

Day 31 – We all need a Jethro

Day 32 – Good and faithful servant!

Day 33 – …but your will be done.

Day 34 – Show me your ways, Lord.

Day 35 – Contemplating the cross

Day 36 – Remember the lampstand

Day 37 – Dwelling in the house of the Lord

Day 38 – The Great Commission

Day 39 – Unashamed

Day 40 – What Gospel do we preach?

Day 41 – Sharing with the Romans

Day 42 – Our God Heals

Day 43 – Glory in our suffering

Day 44 – Stop fixating on your sin!

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